Monday, March 11, 2013

Precious nuggets

Some of the sweetest things my precious angel said/did or I conjured up that I've posted on fb and must be stored here for forever reference and reflection. :)

11 March 2013
Counting the hours til I'm back in my baby's arms! Should be the other way right? :P But my doter spoils me! She is my best friend, my comforter, my playmate, my love provider, security blanket and even my mother! Yet, she needs me for diaper changes, to bathe her, wash her bum, carry her and feed her...hubby says we have a strange relationship. XD Co-dependence - just what all relationships should be! Oh how will I deal with that empty nest syndrome one day??? O_O

4 March 2013
On MC to rest today. Why do we end up doing more in one MC day than any other day? Bank, lunch, buy blue potty, provision shopping (all with Darla in tow) then sweep house and cook dinner and wash up. Great time spent with my kiddo. So much so that she ended our day with a "I don't want Mama go to work." It's tough to be a working mom. Heart wrenching when your 2.5 y.o kiddo tells u that. :(

22 Feb 2013
It's amazing how one little person has so much love to give and can make one world weary soul feel so loved! One of life's little wonders~! :D
I do realise that there will come a time when it will be gone.....prolly those dreaded teenage years. *sniff*sniff* Now every night, she spends a fraction of our time just kissing me!!!! Believe it or not! and she says things like " U R the BEST Mama!"

1 Feb 2013
My 2 year old doter is the one being on earth who knows me best and cares for me most.
Sick time: Mama, are u ok?/Are u sick?/Want to take medicine?/Want go doctor?
Checks on my emotions: Mama, are u happy?/Why u look sad?
When I'm scared (of lizards): Don't be scared Mama. **touches her chest** Darla here.
When I need love: I promise. Yes Mama, promise. Darla love u.
She even reaches out with her little hand(s) for my hand while drinking her 6am bottle, all the while in her continued state of sleep. ♥ ♥ ♥
Daughters are a precious link to us. She is our greatest treasure, the balm that soothes our souls. The best thing we can do is to nurture and keep on nourishing that mother-daughter bond forever.

11 Jan 2013
I watched as my doter attempted to climb down the bed, the comforter dangerously in the way. I stopped myself from stopping her cos this is a skill she has to learn. I watched with heart-thumping, bated breath and guess what? She falls in slow-mo and bumps her head softly (soften by the comforter) on the floor. The crying commences and I run to her, pick her up and console her. In that instant, I learn that this is how God treats us too. Testing us because He has some confidence that we can do it, at the same time knowing we may fall yet also knowing that fall we must in order to learn and grow. And similarly, God too is always there to pick us up and console us making us feel safe and whole again. At our next attempt, something internal pushes us to do it, we know better what to look out for and Voila! We accomplish it and know now that we can, gaining experiences, building confidence and expanding the sense of self.

18 Dec 2012
My Doter is such a smooth criminal. At Subway, she "plunged" at me, literally showering me with kisses, making like she is "eating" my lips complete with sounds all, til I slide down in the sofa-like seat laughing! Then she exhausted me in the supermarket. She refused her Dad, her stroller or walk but whined, cried and screamed for me to carry her. Once in my arms she looked at my face and said "Mama is pretty. Why? Why Mama so pretty?" Lol! In the car, she "attacked" me with kisses again and said "I sayang Mama. Really!" When I asked her "Are you sure?" She said "Yes!! Sure!!!" ♥ I'm a happy Mama tonight! :D

11 Oct 2012
Yesterday, after cooking dinner, I went to the living room and sat on the carpet for some r&r. Darla urgently pulled one of the big cushion pillows saying "heavy, heavy" and "instructed" me to "lie down". "Mama tired? tired? oooh mama tired. lie down. come. lie down" Super-caring-cute-kid my doter, kan? >:o) ♥


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