Monday, March 11, 2013

Precious nuggets

Some of the sweetest things my precious angel said/did or I conjured up that I've posted on fb and must be stored here for forever reference and reflection. :)

11 March 2013
Counting the hours til I'm back in my baby's arms! Should be the other way right? :P But my doter spoils me! She is my best friend, my comforter, my playmate, my love provider, security blanket and even my mother! Yet, she needs me for diaper changes, to bathe her, wash her bum, carry her and feed her...hubby says we have a strange relationship. XD Co-dependence - just what all relationships should be! Oh how will I deal with that empty nest syndrome one day??? O_O

4 March 2013
On MC to rest today. Why do we end up doing more in one MC day than any other day? Bank, lunch, buy blue potty, provision shopping (all with Darla in tow) then sweep house and cook dinner and wash up. Great time spent with my kiddo. So much so that she ended our day with a "I don't want Mama go to work." It's tough to be a working mom. Heart wrenching when your 2.5 y.o kiddo tells u that. :(

22 Feb 2013
It's amazing how one little person has so much love to give and can make one world weary soul feel so loved! One of life's little wonders~! :D
I do realise that there will come a time when it will be gone.....prolly those dreaded teenage years. *sniff*sniff* Now every night, she spends a fraction of our time just kissing me!!!! Believe it or not! and she says things like " U R the BEST Mama!"

1 Feb 2013
My 2 year old doter is the one being on earth who knows me best and cares for me most.
Sick time: Mama, are u ok?/Are u sick?/Want to take medicine?/Want go doctor?
Checks on my emotions: Mama, are u happy?/Why u look sad?
When I'm scared (of lizards): Don't be scared Mama. **touches her chest** Darla here.
When I need love: I promise. Yes Mama, promise. Darla love u.
She even reaches out with her little hand(s) for my hand while drinking her 6am bottle, all the while in her continued state of sleep. ♥ ♥ ♥
Daughters are a precious link to us. She is our greatest treasure, the balm that soothes our souls. The best thing we can do is to nurture and keep on nourishing that mother-daughter bond forever.

11 Jan 2013
I watched as my doter attempted to climb down the bed, the comforter dangerously in the way. I stopped myself from stopping her cos this is a skill she has to learn. I watched with heart-thumping, bated breath and guess what? She falls in slow-mo and bumps her head softly (soften by the comforter) on the floor. The crying commences and I run to her, pick her up and console her. In that instant, I learn that this is how God treats us too. Testing us because He has some confidence that we can do it, at the same time knowing we may fall yet also knowing that fall we must in order to learn and grow. And similarly, God too is always there to pick us up and console us making us feel safe and whole again. At our next attempt, something internal pushes us to do it, we know better what to look out for and Voila! We accomplish it and know now that we can, gaining experiences, building confidence and expanding the sense of self.

18 Dec 2012
My Doter is such a smooth criminal. At Subway, she "plunged" at me, literally showering me with kisses, making like she is "eating" my lips complete with sounds all, til I slide down in the sofa-like seat laughing! Then she exhausted me in the supermarket. She refused her Dad, her stroller or walk but whined, cried and screamed for me to carry her. Once in my arms she looked at my face and said "Mama is pretty. Why? Why Mama so pretty?" Lol! In the car, she "attacked" me with kisses again and said "I sayang Mama. Really!" When I asked her "Are you sure?" She said "Yes!! Sure!!!" ♥ I'm a happy Mama tonight! :D

11 Oct 2012
Yesterday, after cooking dinner, I went to the living room and sat on the carpet for some r&r. Darla urgently pulled one of the big cushion pillows saying "heavy, heavy" and "instructed" me to "lie down". "Mama tired? tired? oooh mama tired. lie down. come. lie down" Super-caring-cute-kid my doter, kan? >:o) ♥

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Clicked on 28 June 2012

The sixth month of 2012 is at the brink of closure.

Are we any different from when Jan 1 rolled in?

Christmas will be here in six months.

Have we made the world a better place for at least one individual?

Have we touched one life -be it animal or human.

Cheered one soul/ warmth one heart?

Do I find myself happier now or happier then?

Have I planted a firm foundation for the future or is my bridge built on quick sand?

Did I make more money this year/ laugh more/ reduce my wrinkles?

Or did I spend more/ cry more/ stress more?

Has my spirit been renewed/ refreshed/ rejuvenated

Or will it rot like burning flesh at the end of the year when apocalypse claim us?

Did I make more friends or enemies this year?

Did I create anything from my own two hands that brought me immense satisfaction?

Can I do anything within my power to turn the wheel upright again before the clock strikes 12 on Dec 31st?

For I am the owner of me. I say be happy. I turn the tides.

I may not be able to control you but I have the power within me to control me.

To rejoice. To be carefree. To Laugh. Love. Learn and ultimately, Live.

Monday, December 19, 2011

My *potential* future home

I never thought I would say this, but although I never want to leave my current cosy apartment unit; the one that I call home for more than 3.5 years now, I have to admit that this one looks pretty promising too.

It's interesting getting a new place to call home. A bigger one, pricier one, one with bigger space too. So much potential to accept the challenge and make the house into a home. A home that we who slog to pay for, will look forward to coming back to, a sanctuary to retreat to, a private place to concentrate on God while building a family, and the knowledge that in this house, we have ample space for another daughter or son. or both.

Yet at the same time, I'm also being such a pouty, sentimental brat who refuses to give up on familiar surroundings. "The only thing constant in life, is change". I'm a strong believer in that phrase, yet as always, it's easier said than done.

People won't get it cos my current place is only abt 800 sq.ft. Why aren't I eager to move into more spacious living arrangements? Mostly cos I love my little home to pieces. It's little enough for me to handle the cleaning on my own. I get the pool view from my yard where I prepare the family meals and I get the playground view from the balcony when I hang the laundry to dry. Many times when it was just me alone at home or me with my little baby then, I took solace lazing on the sofa watching TV or doing household chores with the TV on...the long naps in the bedroom after work during my pregnancy when all I did was sleep, the fish tank, the tuition lessons I gave, the trial and error meals I eagerly prepared to surprise my husband with, which he lavished much praises little apartment brings such fond memories of peace and silence. It was a place where I got to watch the tree branches sway in the wind, listen to the birds sing, smell the rain as it was about to pour, watch other 'housewives' chatter and bring in their laundry when the clouds heave and the sky threatens to burst open. Be a part of that 'chatter' with the neighbours.

Not to forget, my peaceful little cosy apartment is also the place where I familiarised myself with and grew into the roles of wife first, and then mother. It was just me, the apartment and my husband. When he was at work, and back when I used to come home early, it was scheming time on housechores and meal planning. That was when I grew into the "Wife" term of endearment, just me and that peaceful house of mine. Then when I became "Mother" to a newborn, for many moons it was just me and my little dependant angel while my husband went off to work. Twas' then when I bonded with my child and the love between mother and child blossomed into the fierce attachment that it is now.

But it was not all good. Many times, as with life, there are also thunderstorms as life is not all sunshine and rainbows. The disappointing repetitive news we had to endure regarding my losses-the lives, the jobs, devastating... So many sad stories that crushed my spirit, broke me down entirely, yet still I took solace in that apatment unit. Time heals all things they say. The house was a cocoon for me to hide in. There; I've broken down, survived day by little day, my spirit healed and I returned to walk into reality bit by independent bit. Oh, the memories that unit gave. Come to think of it, it offered me a refuge but there I experienced a lot of anguish and grief, too.

Breaking up is so hard to do. Yet, sometimes it is vital. I guess it's normal to feel this way towards the first place you make your home, the first real place that you own and come home to everyday. A place where you own the keys that unlock the grills which let you in.

But "Hope is a thing with feathers". Perhaps it would be good indeed to look forward to the promise of better times, joyful moments and happier news in this new "home-to-be" which has been so graciously entrusted upon us. "Out with the old and in with the new". This house is eagerly awaiting for my family to transform it into a real family home with much laughter, aspirations and good strong values that it once was. How timely it is that 2011 is closing upon us. As we look forward to the new year, I suppose it wouldn't hurt for me to give this promising little 'cottage' a chance to grow upon us all.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm 30 and I Know It.

Wow. Last post dates sometime in May, that's 7 months for you!I so need to get back into the swing of things at my blog-o-sphere but to take the short way out...I just copy pasted what I wrote in an email to a friend prior..heh.. -.-

"With regards to my job, I'm so loving it. Everyday I'm having a ball at work and to top it up, I have awesome colleagues..well, at least I count myself lucky enough to have made acquaintances with these awesome colleagues...many of whom are guys and we talk abt girls like ALL THE TIME. LOL huh? I guess it's not a and guys...we go out at lunch breaks; sometimes 2 guys, sometimes 4, 6....only playing time til someone starts calling me the office bitch. and this I get at 30, married and with a kid nonetheless. Heh. Nevertheless, my darling husband is aware of this and lets me off with a stern "So long as you know your boundaries" (index-finger-wagging-peering-thru-the-glasses-look)

But seriously am loving it. and yes, I love working with words as oppose to working with figures back when I was attached to banks. pfffffffffffffffffft......! even it the words are abt dry tax stuff...hey, they're still words! :P

Oh ya, what do I work as? "Hello. I'm a Sub Editor. I edit print and web commentaries, newsletters and loose leaf update sheets for our Australian Tax Editors who are based in our Sydney office". (It sounds pretty impressive, eh? Just realised the coolness factor today...*ahem* :P)

My birthday was da' bomb this year too! I wonder if you can recall my cousin sister by the name of Josephine who lived with my family....hmmm....well,she's all grown up and pregnant. On my birthday morning, I went with her and we found out the baby's gender on ultrasound. What an awesome way to start a birthday! Then had a small lunch treat with my family members, after which Darla, Darry and myself went home to catch a nap. And that evening, I went to a Pitbull concert where it rained so hard, I could literally squeeze the water out of my hair, dress, handbag! (pffffft....Let It Rain Over Me.REALLY, Pitbull?) The concert had to be postpone for an hour and a half and then Pitbull came and rocked the place. Took a shower at 2am-ish cause got drenched in the rain, slept at 3.30am-ish and woke up at 5.30am for work! My 30th birthday sooooo rocked!

We're getting Monday off as a Public Holiday here this week. It's just good timing for xmas and all. so that we can go troll the malls, hunt for pressies, soak in the tunes, put up the looking forward to it but imma just hoping I'd get everything done before Monday ends. Plus Darry and I are looking for a house and we already have a soft spot for this old corner house...gonna view it for the 2nd time in the morning and maybe talk terms...wish us luck!

So yeah, I'm so looking fwd to living my 30s! :-)"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back To The Real World

After taking a 3 month hiatus from the work scene, I am scheduled to join the rat race once again this Monday. To be honest, I do re-join it with much trepidation and mixed feelings. Just when I have started to settle down into the routine of a full time mum cum housewife cum tuition teacher, the excitement (and adventure) begins again. Who said life is boring needs to be kidnapped, have a sack thrown over his/her head and rolled down a hill. L.O.L.

Makes me realise how life is ever changing, never stagnant, never can it be just 'expected'. Sure my life is not one where I am served on a silver platter but I am loving it nonetheless. Before every rainbow comes the rain. I have learnt so much in this short time that I have been here on earth. Most importantly, I have learnt to never give up on life no matter what the deal. Always march on soldier. I have been dealt with so many episodes where joy intertwines with despair. Countless. Let's vs objection. Freedom vs heartache. Conception vs miscarriage. Happiness vs termination. These are just off the tip of my mind to name a few. One thing I've learnt is to never give up in life because the universe never gives up on us.

Anyway, I have most certainly digressed. On the subject of returning to work, given a chance, I would rather not. But th chance is not for me to choose right now. I believe we create our own destinies. But sometimes, we are not in the position to decide and this is one such position. Hence, my re-emergence from 'early retirement'. I must say that I am blessed for the very fact that I was given the allowance by God to actually take time off to give 100% maternal care to my young one and still He provides me with a job to return to. For this I thank thee God. I am forever grateful. (Must start praying that the employer will allow me a couple of months leave -unpaid nonetheless- for when I conceive my second child.

Children are precious gifts from God. I so agree with that statement. A wise person once coined the statement "There is only one beautiful child in this world and every mother has it". Nuff said.

Oh ya, before I forget; below are a number of points as to why I'm returning to work. (I had to do this to serve as a reminder for the times when the spirit is weak in future). So here goes my reasons; as logical as possible at 3 in the morning!

1. so that I can afford the creature comforts that I require to function as human-ly as possible.
2. to be able to afford the mini luxuries from time to time that I am accustomed to (i.e. the manicure/ facial/ local travel)
3. to be able to buy for my child whatever I want, whenever I want.
4. to acquire better livinghood for my family (i.e. hint*house)
5. to help my husband with the financial needs of bringing up family.
6. to contribute to my child(ren)'s savings.
7. to be able to afford more than 1 child.
8. to be a role-model to my child(ren) with regard to working mothers.
9. to push myself so that I don't fall into the complacency trap.
10. to entertain myself with a life outside of looking after the needs of my

Yup, 10 reasons should do it for now...WISH ME LUCK, FOLKS! ^_^ Life is only just beginning!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

options, choices, dilemmas

Life has been nothing but complicating and challenging this year. First, it was 'To work or not to work?' and the answer was an easy one. Not to work. Take a breather for a month, then return back to the scene.

A month has come and now it's the second month. I've sent in application after application and I've been getting interview calls after interview calls. But guess what? I've been turning them down mostly. It's such a 'high' to be called in for an interview. But then the night before (like tonight), baby gives a helluva lot of trouble and I know in my heart of hearts that I just won't be able to cope.

Don't get me wrong, mind you. I started out with genuine intentions. My brain is fucked bored at home.

But when in doubt, baby is my biggest, most priceless gift. A gift from God. A gift from the Universe. It all boils down to baby defining my reason for living, mind you. *SIGH*

That's why I need to blog. It helps me clear my perspective when I put things in words. Always did. Always will. It all seems so clear to me now. I was and am in the process of acquiring a job that has a vacant position in September 2011. Baby would be a year old then. Perfect right? Then why am I looking at other jobs, pray tell? Why? I have been 'offered' the 'perfect' job then why am I still hunting?

Let me tell you why. It's because the other options come with a position I never thought I would be eligible for and a promise of a handsome salary. It's like being tempted by the devil when you have what you need in the clutch of your hand. pfffffffffffftttttttttttttttttttttttt!~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Teacher I Must Be

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, no?

Teaching is my life and education is my game. I may manipulate the game as much as I want to but I can't run away from the fact that I was born to be a teacher.

Nothing, and believe me, no other occupation gives me as much joy and contentment as knowing that I walked into a class and managed to capture the attention span of a vivacious group of boisterous students. Nothing makes me feel as utterly and completely satisfied as seeing students being interested in my lesson enough that they want to learn more, that it brings out the questions in them and gets them speaking in class. Nothing fills my heart with intense satisfaction as seeing a student putting to use what was being taught like new vocabulary, for instance.

A teacher in my heart I am and a teacher is what I will always be. No other field could delight me and justify the hours invested in return for the salary earned as that of the job which bears the title TEACHER.

I miss the feeling of being in charge of a classroom. I miss the mere setting of a classroom. I miss the undisciplined students for honestly, it's really just their hormone that makes them the way they are. I miss inspiring, teaching and changing the mindsets of young adults. In other words, I just miss being a teacher in the confinements of a classroom. There's no place like home (or so they say).

Teaching - the gift and privilege of imparting knowledge. The most noble job of all time.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Grass is Always Greener...

Wanting to be somewhere other than where one actually is. This is the human condition, is it not?

Masalahnya, karier ku menemui ajal yang awal, boleh dikatakan satu tempoh 'glorious' yang 'premature' sekali. Malangnya. Malang sekali kerana di situ lah satu-satunya tempat di mana aku mencurah hati dan tenaga ku. Di situlah aku berasa sungguh selesa dan produktif sehingga sanggup ku berbakti sehingga ke hari persaraan ku. Malang sekali, aku tidak dialu-alukan dan perkhidmatan ku tidak diperlukan lagi.

Hence, the dilemma I am so rudely thrust into. To work or not to work. That is the question. It's tough not working when all I did was work one job after another for the past 6 years. The strange thing is I spent 4 of those years job hopping from one industry to another hoping to find a field that I was comfortable with. And the last 2 years was spent at a place that felt like home to me. I spent the first 4 years kicking off the companies I was hired into and the one that I felt belonged, ended up being the one that shirked me off.

Life is so unexpected. One day (strike that). One morning you're on the height of happiness. You have a newborn and it's your first day back at work. You're so happy to be back after almost 4 months of maternity related leave. Then by lunch break, the world as you know it comes crashing down at your feet.

I miss being in a classroom so much. But when I was given a 2nd chance, everything else was not right. It was like a case of right place, wrong time. I was exhausted and the monsters were driving me up the wall. So I opted out. I lasted a month. 1 month! I astound myself sometimes. I keep making new records all the time.

So now I am at home. Fun as it is, I get to spend ALL my time with my baby. It's really awesome. I am there for her EVERY moment. Her EVERY cry, EVERY chuckle. It's fantabulous I tell you.

But flip the coin and it's also strange. It's odd being home alone with your baby for when she sleeps, I feel so alone in this world. I feel redundant too sometimes for I am capable and well equipped to be working and being productive. Plus I miss my oh-so-familiar classroom settings. I miss being Teacher in charged of her chargers, using my Teacher voice and trying to make the class want to learn what I'm trying to teach. I miss trying to be creative and interesting. I miss setting exams and test papers which force them to study.

But being at work makes me miss my baby cos even if she cries, she'll be crying in MY arms. And I can't tell you how right that feels, but it does. Nothing else feels right. I want to baby my babies. Be there for them all the time. Every time. But I also want to be productive and make money with my life. I miss working for my money. I miss getting a salary deposited into my salary account at the end of the month. I miss having money to spend as I wish.

But then I'd feel guilty of not being a mommy. And I'd feel guilty of not cooking dinner for my husband. And I'd feel guilty for having a dirty house-i.e. the dusty floor, the un-ironed clothes, the unwashed dishes in the sink.

A friend once questioned: Why do women have to feel so damn guilty all the time? I feel for you babe. We feel guilty when we work (for neglecting home and family) then we feel guilty when we quit the work scene (for not making use of our skills and not making money which goes towards the home and family).

Life is a sad, twisted bitch ain't it. Just when you think you've attained some kind of earthly nirvana, it goes and scrambles all yer eggs for you and brings you back to ground zero. ZERO. That's how I feel inside right now. ZERO. Cos I've attained nothing. I've nothing to show for.

Ok, here goes nothing. I love HHHS - my home for the past 2 years! -the place I worked at when I carried my first successful pregnancy to full term. HHHS - you will ALWAYS have a place in my heart. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First pondering post of 2011

The first post of 2011. Why do things happen so fast lately? Ever since I became a mum, it seems that everything occurs at lightning speed. Sure the days are long and tiring but I would gladly say that they are the most fulfilling and productive days that I have ever experienced in all my life. Work and money is so insignificant now. I guess you can say that I'm living each moment. Some days I wake up at 2am for baby's feed and end up sleeping at 4am after washing clothes, ironing or like last night; sweeping and mopping the apartment. Thank God that I live in an apartment and not a mansion (read SPACE)or I would never ever sleep with the amount of things that needs doing in a day!

Life can be a repetition of itself but never is it mundane nowadays because there is always something that needs to be done; like in-between midnight feeds, household chores, my day job, meals to think about and of course other 'baby' needs to see to.

Everyday I try so hard to be a kick-butt mum. Everyday I give 100% of myself. 100% at work. 100% off work. Sure, it isn't easy but I never realized how talented I am at being productive! When I really give it my all, I find that I can mark books, get the most horrid class to behave (biggest achievement as of late), cook up something for dinner and still have time to buy cut stalks of flowers for the dinner table! Not to forget the midnight chore of sweeping and mopping which I accomplished last night. And I'm not even tired eventhough I had about 4 hours of sleep. Sometimes we never know our true limits until we push ourselves.

Oh, plus I even managed to sneak in time to upload pics on fb, chat with friends and read the daily paper online. Now I truly understand the saying that even the President of the USA has the same 24 hours as you and me. Basically, it's about how we micro-manage and fit things into that 24 hours that matters most.

But at this point, 90% of me is just thinking of giving the work scene a break cos I wanna spread my wings and fly. I dream a dream and I owe it to myself to at least try it out, don't I? But then again, there's always a 'Then Again...' isn't there? Fav' phrase at the mo; Que Sera Sera...........have a good year ahead, folks!:)

"Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream things that never were and ask why not" ~George Bernard Shaw

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Day Well Spent

What an awesome day it's been today-Saturday, 11/12/10. I just love super-busy-super-crazee days. Even before baby was born (ESPECIALLY before baby was born), my Sundays in particular, were always on-the-run sort of days. From mass, to breakfast with the in-laws to choir practices to dinner with my side of the family to shopping and what have you not all rolled into one just trying to get the most of my Sundays before Mondays rolled back in.

Today started off with a Reunion lunch with schoolmates whom I haven't met in 12 years! Yup, that's how long ago it was! A pity that some close friends didnt make it but I had no regrets in going at all. Met many whom I just knew as acquaintances and yet, the conversations just flew. Many are married, many still single and a handful come with extra baggage now-KiDz! The topics varied but oft the ones with KidZ kept returning to topics liks delivery experiences, breastfeeling, parental disciplining and such; which managed to chase the single ones away from our table (one of whom kept returning but most were all too happy to have escaped) :)

Sadly, it all ended too soon for me as I had to rush off to prepare baby for Part 1 of her Baptism. We were supposed to meet the priest at 5pm and I reached home at 4pm. Time was of essence as I had to express breast milk, bathe baby, get her dressed, feed her and get myself ready in 1 hour! IMPOSSIBLE right? Somehow, I did it, I don't know how but I did. We even managed to reach the church before 5pm and didn't make anyone wait for us. Baby, being the Diva that she is, refused to drink milk while we were speeding to church but instead, insisted on drinking in the presence of the priest, who had to wait for her to have her fill before starting the ceremony proper. And then, having had her fill, she slept throughout the ceremony! DIVA true and true!

The best part of the day, however, was...DRUMROLL>>>>>>>>>>>> when my Mum-in-Law (MIL) praised me for doing my job so well as a mother! :)) She said that she noticed it the little time that she did come over to my parents' place (where I'm temporarily residing) and in the disposition of my baby girl. She says it shows through the child. She said even my Dad-in-Law (DIL) praises me for doing everything so well as a first time mum. She said that it's as if I was born to do this and that it comes so natural to me. She said it didn't even come as natural to her when she was a first time mum or to her daughter, who has 4 kids now. I think I must have been genuinely blushing when we had that conversation over teh tarik and thosai :*}

This compliment really MADE my day for DAYS! :) Being a first time mum is no easy matter. Of course, I have faltered, cried and even went into a depressive phase. But today, her praises lifted me up so high as if none of the negativities mattered. Oh, to be recognised AND PRAISED by your Parents-in-Law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surely, there can be no higher level of praise and satisfaction than that! :))

But seriously, I so seldom receive praises. And I think everyone should be praised more often. It's free, it boosts the spirit and it improves the giver and receiver's relationship by leaps and bounds.

That night, I had a great reminiscing moment as the next morning was baby's Baptism Part 2. Getting a baby was no easy feat and to have baby going for her baptism...WOW, it's a milestone I tell you! I received my sacrament of baptism when I was 15 years old after I prodded my family to. Here I am standing as a Catholic, doing the correct thing and getting my baby baptised at 2.5 months actually makes me proud of myself.

1 White dress > CHECKED
1 White garment > CHECKED
1 Candle > CHECKED
1 Name tag > CHECKED
1 Baby > CHECKED

Since I didn't have the words to blog for baby's Baptism, here are some pics of the ceremony

Check out her lovely bonnet and christening gown!

The proud and happy beaming parents

The extended family (grandparents on both sides and even a great-grandmother)

A new soul is born

During the ceremony:
Baby, Priest, oil of chrism, baptismal water, candle burning bright, white garment, Godparents, loved ones > CHECKED! CHECKED! CHECKED!

We did it! We pulled it off! Hi-5 Daddy & Congratulations on your second birth, Darla Anne. You're a full fledged Catholic now. Welcome to the Catholic family. As Joy is the theme of this Advent week, so may JOY be a part of your daily life. May you grow in simplicity, humility, warmth and love. And may you forever be God-fearing; walking in the light of God and respectful towards all of humanity regardless of creed, physical outlook, race and religion. With lots of love, from Mama & Daddy.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Random thoughts upon turning *tuttttt* :)

Birthday come. Birthday gone. Why do I feel like eating omelette now?

Boss must've read my last post because I got axed.

Should I wait til baby turns 6 months old before returning to work?

Or would it be too late to return?

How blessed can one get? How perfect can we allow our lives to be before it chips off somewhere?

On the surface, people would say I have the perfect life. But if only they know...if only they know...

Let's see...I want more money so I don't have to work no more.
I want my firstborn to wean off my breasts darn it.
I want to be able to buy a house.
I want my husband to stop snoring.
I want 4 children.
I want to see my angel babies.
I want my job back.
I want a smooth year next year dammit.

I have health.
I have some extra coins in my pocket.
I have a place to call home.
I have a car to give me wings.
I have a husband who's always there for me.
I've got food when I'm hungry.
I've got fish swimming in my tank.
I've got a baby sleeping on my lap.

Hey, did you hear me? I've got a BABY sleeping on my lap!

Happy birthday girl. This time next year, someone's gonna be calling you MAMA! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Sept: 1 week school holidays and the rest I maxed out my MCs and Emergency Leave
Oct : Maternity leave (1st month)
Nov : Maternity leave (2nd month)
Dec : School holidays

Feels so good to stay home, do nothing work related and at the end of the month, see $$$ in my bank account. HO! HO! HO! Christmas came early ^.^

P/S: Did I mention I also get bonus at the end of Dec? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cute pics

Hoi! What are you looking at? You don't wanna mess with me, ok!

Those were the days when a handkerchief can be doubly used as a baby blanket

Baby's milk, Mama's milk. Baby's diaper, Mama's diaper.

A mother-daughter promise: You will never walk alone.

Before I began my journey in life, I rested my feet in my mother's palms.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Baby has started sleeping earlier and easier too. Bedtime routine established, me think!

Well, I start to wipe her down at 9.30pm. This she so loves-complete with smiles and all! Then massage baby bedtime lotion all over her from head to tiny toes. A little menthol goes on her tummy, chest and back. Next, a change of clothes and diaper. By then, she's hungry for a feed and before long, she starts begging to be put to bed! She's out by 11pm and she wakes up once or twice throughout the night. No more 1.30-2.30am bedtime. Hooray!

I love your natural spiky mohawk hair, your unshappened brows, your outward curving forehead, your beauriful, big eyes, your button nose, the downy hair on your ears, your upside down U-shaped mouth, the birthmark on your back, the lines on your hands and legs, the baby muscles on your thighs and your cute little pair of feet.

Sssssshhhh.....I'm here, Sayang. Mama sayang baby. Mama's here. Mama's next to you.
I love you, baby!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Establishing baby's bedtime

How do I transform baby from left to right?

Night time brings angst to many women when they have to put their babies to bed. Pierced screaming and tears are the worst fears. Teach the baby good sleeping habits.

For the first few weeks of a baby's life, she will wake frequently at night for feeds. It would be unrealistic to expect a newborn to sleep long stretches at night without waking up. Expect interrupted sleep for the first few months of baby's life. It is recommended that a newborn feeds every three hours. (That means the friends who say their kiddos sleep thru the nite at 1 month old are lying thru their teeth?)
Baby Sleeping: Teaching Baby Good Sleeping Habits

My lil' Princess Tiger Lily is all of 6 weeks and a few days old. She still has her daylight and night time all mixed up. She's in deep sleep mode during the day-no matter how she is carried, how much noise, etc; she just sleeps through it all. Then come 10-11pm and she's all bright-eyed and generous with her smiles. She has a feed at 11-ish but only goes into sleep mode at 1 or 2am! And this is taking a toll on her mom. Dad agrees to put her to sleep for the night as long as it is in the 11th hour. Anything beyond and he says he has to work the next day so mom is not relieved of this duty. (and round the clock as it goes 'tick-tock-tick-tock', sunrise, noon, evening, night, twilight. repeat. damn).

And so, like everything else I need answers to, I turn to the trusty Internet (it's now 2.35am btw and I should be using this time for my assignment but then again....NOT). Internet, good old 'westernized' articles say to establish a bedtime routine to help baby establish proper bedtime. Apparently, them ang mohs set their babies down ideally by 7pm (I suppose cos they sleep early too). Over here in Malaysia land, adults generally sleep at 12-ish. So, yes, I, too, am going to try and establish some routine for baby. Generally, the idea is to start the process from 9pm and have her down by 10.30pm. This is the routine that I have come up with. Hope it works!

1. Take her into room, wipe her down and massage her with some baby
lavender lotion.
2. Change her into her pjs (turn on the air-cond)
3. Lay her on the bed and share some together time (chats, kisses, hugs)
4. Give her some alone time to use up her energy
5. Check diaper if it needs changing
6. Nurse her, patting her hair and forehead
7. Put her in her baby cot, hold her hand as she self-sleeps*

* Should no.7 fail, carry her, sing and rock her to sleep.

Will try to follow this procedure check list religiously starting from tomorrow; Friday 12th November 2010 (the start of her 7th week)

Good luck to moi!