Thursday, December 02, 2010

Random thoughts upon turning *tuttttt* :)

Birthday come. Birthday gone. Why do I feel like eating omelette now?

Boss must've read my last post because I got axed.

Should I wait til baby turns 6 months old before returning to work?

Or would it be too late to return?

How blessed can one get? How perfect can we allow our lives to be before it chips off somewhere?

On the surface, people would say I have the perfect life. But if only they know...if only they know...

Let's see...I want more money so I don't have to work no more.
I want my firstborn to wean off my breasts darn it.
I want to be able to buy a house.
I want my husband to stop snoring.
I want 4 children.
I want to see my angel babies.
I want my job back.
I want a smooth year next year dammit.

I have health.
I have some extra coins in my pocket.
I have a place to call home.
I have a car to give me wings.
I have a husband who's always there for me.
I've got food when I'm hungry.
I've got fish swimming in my tank.
I've got a baby sleeping on my lap.

Hey, did you hear me? I've got a BABY sleeping on my lap!

Happy birthday girl. This time next year, someone's gonna be calling you MAMA! :)


Montessorimum said...

Happy birthday again!

Everything happens for a reason, embrace it with optimism, make the best out of what you have got. Cheers!

Hdaran said...

Its your birthday??? Happy Birthday!!!

-Lotsa well-wishing