Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Day Well Spent

What an awesome day it's been today-Saturday, 11/12/10. I just love super-busy-super-crazee days. Even before baby was born (ESPECIALLY before baby was born), my Sundays in particular, were always on-the-run sort of days. From mass, to breakfast with the in-laws to choir practices to dinner with my side of the family to shopping and what have you not all rolled into one just trying to get the most of my Sundays before Mondays rolled back in.

Today started off with a Reunion lunch with schoolmates whom I haven't met in 12 years! Yup, that's how long ago it was! A pity that some close friends didnt make it but I had no regrets in going at all. Met many whom I just knew as acquaintances and yet, the conversations just flew. Many are married, many still single and a handful come with extra baggage now-KiDz! The topics varied but oft the ones with KidZ kept returning to topics liks delivery experiences, breastfeeling, parental disciplining and such; which managed to chase the single ones away from our table (one of whom kept returning but most were all too happy to have escaped) :)

Sadly, it all ended too soon for me as I had to rush off to prepare baby for Part 1 of her Baptism. We were supposed to meet the priest at 5pm and I reached home at 4pm. Time was of essence as I had to express breast milk, bathe baby, get her dressed, feed her and get myself ready in 1 hour! IMPOSSIBLE right? Somehow, I did it, I don't know how but I did. We even managed to reach the church before 5pm and didn't make anyone wait for us. Baby, being the Diva that she is, refused to drink milk while we were speeding to church but instead, insisted on drinking in the presence of the priest, who had to wait for her to have her fill before starting the ceremony proper. And then, having had her fill, she slept throughout the ceremony! DIVA true and true!

The best part of the day, however, was...DRUMROLL>>>>>>>>>>>> when my Mum-in-Law (MIL) praised me for doing my job so well as a mother! :)) She said that she noticed it the little time that she did come over to my parents' place (where I'm temporarily residing) and in the disposition of my baby girl. She says it shows through the child. She said even my Dad-in-Law (DIL) praises me for doing everything so well as a first time mum. She said that it's as if I was born to do this and that it comes so natural to me. She said it didn't even come as natural to her when she was a first time mum or to her daughter, who has 4 kids now. I think I must have been genuinely blushing when we had that conversation over teh tarik and thosai :*}

This compliment really MADE my day for DAYS! :) Being a first time mum is no easy matter. Of course, I have faltered, cried and even went into a depressive phase. But today, her praises lifted me up so high as if none of the negativities mattered. Oh, to be recognised AND PRAISED by your Parents-in-Law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surely, there can be no higher level of praise and satisfaction than that! :))

But seriously, I so seldom receive praises. And I think everyone should be praised more often. It's free, it boosts the spirit and it improves the giver and receiver's relationship by leaps and bounds.

That night, I had a great reminiscing moment as the next morning was baby's Baptism Part 2. Getting a baby was no easy feat and to have baby going for her baptism...WOW, it's a milestone I tell you! I received my sacrament of baptism when I was 15 years old after I prodded my family to. Here I am standing as a Catholic, doing the correct thing and getting my baby baptised at 2.5 months actually makes me proud of myself.

1 White dress > CHECKED
1 White garment > CHECKED
1 Candle > CHECKED
1 Name tag > CHECKED
1 Baby > CHECKED

Since I didn't have the words to blog for baby's Baptism, here are some pics of the ceremony

Check out her lovely bonnet and christening gown!

The proud and happy beaming parents

The extended family (grandparents on both sides and even a great-grandmother)

A new soul is born

During the ceremony:
Baby, Priest, oil of chrism, baptismal water, candle burning bright, white garment, Godparents, loved ones > CHECKED! CHECKED! CHECKED!

We did it! We pulled it off! Hi-5 Daddy & Congratulations on your second birth, Darla Anne. You're a full fledged Catholic now. Welcome to the Catholic family. As Joy is the theme of this Advent week, so may JOY be a part of your daily life. May you grow in simplicity, humility, warmth and love. And may you forever be God-fearing; walking in the light of God and respectful towards all of humanity regardless of creed, physical outlook, race and religion. With lots of love, from Mama & Daddy.

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