Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back To The Real World

After taking a 3 month hiatus from the work scene, I am scheduled to join the rat race once again this Monday. To be honest, I do re-join it with much trepidation and mixed feelings. Just when I have started to settle down into the routine of a full time mum cum housewife cum tuition teacher, the excitement (and adventure) begins again. Who said life is boring needs to be kidnapped, have a sack thrown over his/her head and rolled down a hill. L.O.L.

Makes me realise how life is ever changing, never stagnant, never can it be just 'expected'. Sure my life is not one where I am served on a silver platter but I am loving it nonetheless. Before every rainbow comes the rain. I have learnt so much in this short time that I have been here on earth. Most importantly, I have learnt to never give up on life no matter what the deal. Always march on soldier. I have been dealt with so many episodes where joy intertwines with despair. Countless. Let's vs objection. Freedom vs heartache. Conception vs miscarriage. Happiness vs termination. These are just off the tip of my mind to name a few. One thing I've learnt is to never give up in life because the universe never gives up on us.

Anyway, I have most certainly digressed. On the subject of returning to work, given a chance, I would rather not. But th chance is not for me to choose right now. I believe we create our own destinies. But sometimes, we are not in the position to decide and this is one such position. Hence, my re-emergence from 'early retirement'. I must say that I am blessed for the very fact that I was given the allowance by God to actually take time off to give 100% maternal care to my young one and still He provides me with a job to return to. For this I thank thee God. I am forever grateful. (Must start praying that the employer will allow me a couple of months leave -unpaid nonetheless- for when I conceive my second child.

Children are precious gifts from God. I so agree with that statement. A wise person once coined the statement "There is only one beautiful child in this world and every mother has it". Nuff said.

Oh ya, before I forget; below are a number of points as to why I'm returning to work. (I had to do this to serve as a reminder for the times when the spirit is weak in future). So here goes my reasons; as logical as possible at 3 in the morning!

1. so that I can afford the creature comforts that I require to function as human-ly as possible.
2. to be able to afford the mini luxuries from time to time that I am accustomed to (i.e. the manicure/ facial/ local travel)
3. to be able to buy for my child whatever I want, whenever I want.
4. to acquire better livinghood for my family (i.e. hint*house)
5. to help my husband with the financial needs of bringing up family.
6. to contribute to my child(ren)'s savings.
7. to be able to afford more than 1 child.
8. to be a role-model to my child(ren) with regard to working mothers.
9. to push myself so that I don't fall into the complacency trap.
10. to entertain myself with a life outside of looking after the needs of my

Yup, 10 reasons should do it for now...WISH ME LUCK, FOLKS! ^_^ Life is only just beginning!

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