Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm 30 and I Know It.

Wow. Last post dates sometime in May, that's 7 months for you!I so need to get back into the swing of things at my blog-o-sphere but to take the short way out...I just copy pasted what I wrote in an email to a friend prior..heh.. -.-

"With regards to my job, I'm so loving it. Everyday I'm having a ball at work and to top it up, I have awesome colleagues..well, at least I count myself lucky enough to have made acquaintances with these awesome colleagues...many of whom are guys and we talk abt girls like ALL THE TIME. LOL huh? I guess it's not a and guys...we go out at lunch breaks; sometimes 2 guys, sometimes 4, 6....only playing time til someone starts calling me the office bitch. and this I get at 30, married and with a kid nonetheless. Heh. Nevertheless, my darling husband is aware of this and lets me off with a stern "So long as you know your boundaries" (index-finger-wagging-peering-thru-the-glasses-look)

But seriously am loving it. and yes, I love working with words as oppose to working with figures back when I was attached to banks. pfffffffffffffffffft......! even it the words are abt dry tax stuff...hey, they're still words! :P

Oh ya, what do I work as? "Hello. I'm a Sub Editor. I edit print and web commentaries, newsletters and loose leaf update sheets for our Australian Tax Editors who are based in our Sydney office". (It sounds pretty impressive, eh? Just realised the coolness factor today...*ahem* :P)

My birthday was da' bomb this year too! I wonder if you can recall my cousin sister by the name of Josephine who lived with my family....hmmm....well,she's all grown up and pregnant. On my birthday morning, I went with her and we found out the baby's gender on ultrasound. What an awesome way to start a birthday! Then had a small lunch treat with my family members, after which Darla, Darry and myself went home to catch a nap. And that evening, I went to a Pitbull concert where it rained so hard, I could literally squeeze the water out of my hair, dress, handbag! (pffffft....Let It Rain Over Me.REALLY, Pitbull?) The concert had to be postpone for an hour and a half and then Pitbull came and rocked the place. Took a shower at 2am-ish cause got drenched in the rain, slept at 3.30am-ish and woke up at 5.30am for work! My 30th birthday sooooo rocked!

We're getting Monday off as a Public Holiday here this week. It's just good timing for xmas and all. so that we can go troll the malls, hunt for pressies, soak in the tunes, put up the looking forward to it but imma just hoping I'd get everything done before Monday ends. Plus Darry and I are looking for a house and we already have a soft spot for this old corner house...gonna view it for the 2nd time in the morning and maybe talk terms...wish us luck!

So yeah, I'm so looking fwd to living my 30s! :-)"


Hdaran said...

Welcome back! Thirty and fabulous!!!

Princess Running Water (soon-to-be Queen) said...

Oh wow! It's so nice to see u still keep up wit blogs (and my blog in particular)!!! So surpised really! :)) Thanks and have a great day ahead!