Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Baby has started sleeping earlier and easier too. Bedtime routine established, me think!

Well, I start to wipe her down at 9.30pm. This she so loves-complete with smiles and all! Then massage baby bedtime lotion all over her from head to tiny toes. A little menthol goes on her tummy, chest and back. Next, a change of clothes and diaper. By then, she's hungry for a feed and before long, she starts begging to be put to bed! She's out by 11pm and she wakes up once or twice throughout the night. No more 1.30-2.30am bedtime. Hooray!

I love your natural spiky mohawk hair, your unshappened brows, your outward curving forehead, your beauriful, big eyes, your button nose, the downy hair on your ears, your upside down U-shaped mouth, the birthmark on your back, the lines on your hands and legs, the baby muscles on your thighs and your cute little pair of feet.

Sssssshhhh.....I'm here, Sayang. Mama sayang baby. Mama's here. Mama's next to you.
I love you, baby!


Hdaran said...

Awwww....!!!! How adorable!!!

Angel said...

i love her eyes .. big with double eyelid

Princess Running Water (soon-to-be Queen) said...

thanks. it's so hard to look at her and try to imagine her in my tummy now! i bet u can relate to that eh Angel...